Saved Search Issues for Inventory Adjustments

hey guys!

I am trying to get a saved search for inventory adjustments to show the Qty on Hand, the adjustment, and the new quantity.

So far, I have only been able to use the “Quantity” in my result column which provides the adjustment quantity but not the “before” quantity or the “new quantity”.

So based on research, i could use the records browser to get the internal id which is
“quantityonhand” and “newquantity”.

How do I now expose this on the search?

Hi iLeo1
On doing further research I have found this :

Found this- The fields Qty On Hand (at time of transaction) and the New Quantity (at time of transaction) cannot be pulled up from a Saved Search yet but Enhancement # - 144956 is currently filed for that.

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Thanks @Edward. I just got attached to it!