Sloooowww Sales Order Save/Edit

I am beginning to suspect that the rebate functionality is slowing down my transaction processing. Total of 20 seconds to save a simple, one inventory item sales order, 19.6 of which are server time. That can’t be normal, right?

Hi BrittanyDay
Here are some things you can look at, if you would like more help contact me at, Thanks.
I SuiteAnswer articles that address server performance issues:

  • Optimizing User Preferences – Server performance is measured as the time spent processing data on a NetSuite server. Customizations or suboptimal search criteria can affect the server’s performance. You can ask users to adjust their NetSuite user preferences to improve server performance.
  • How to identify SuiteScripts contributing to high Server Suite Script time using APM - When your PET page displays a high amount of time spent in ‘Server Suite Script’, you can use Application performance monitor can be a used determine which specific scripts are taking the most time.
  • User Event Best Practice - This section provides best practices for developing user event scripts.
  • SuiteScript Best Practice - For SuiteScript Performance best-practice, as much as possible, avoid deploying After Submit scripts that follow the logic of load record, set field values, submit record of the recently committed transaction.

Is the rebate feature, something you just implemented?

It is not something we just implemented but as we are considering e-com platforms we cannot expect our customers to put up with 20 sec load times.

I agree with you. So, without any changes, this had just started to occur, correct?

That is not correct. We had been dealing with these delays but now that customers will be accessing the system it does need to work acceptably fast.

Ahhh!!! makes so much more sense now!

While i do not know if that is the cause, you may have to create a custom record and have an event script that would create a rebate and turn off the trigger for the rebate (if that’s possible).

I would start with the support if you do not have a consultant on hand. Support will consider it a performance issue which you can then leverage your account rep to escalate if support is unable to solve.

@Edward has been very participative in the forums as well so he may be a good starting point as well.

Thank you. I was running out of avenues and appreciate having a new direction to work in.

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Hi BrittanyDay
I have to agree with you that something has to done, 19 or so seconds to update an inventory record is unacceptable no matter what solution you are using. I will keep looking but let’s stay in touch, I will be back in Atlanta in 2 weeks if you would like to meet and talk about possible ways to address the issue, Thanks