What kind of enhancements do you want in NetSuite?

I wanted to get an idea from folks as to what kind of improvements/enhancements they are looking for in NetSuite?

For me some simple ones are:

Consolidated OneWorld Financial Statements - numbers stay constant so that you can use the native reporting function to change time periods.

Ability to directly edit inventory detail screen via suitescript

Cash flow Statement’s Depreciation and Amortization should tie to Income Statement Depreciation & Amortization in the standard report

I want to be able to import 850, 856 EDI (order acknowledgement and delivery) data via csv file. This will allow users to see accurate delivery dates for their orders. My plants in China aren’t EDI-enabled and send this data via spreadsheets.

What’s the enhancement number and I am happy to add my vote to that!

Allow Landed Costs to include Volume as a separate category (in addition to Weight) for Freight. Our products are light but have volume that easily fills an overseas container without reaching it’s weight limit. Therefore Weight is not a factor in our costs.

@Paulr , would you like to use Volume as a metric for costs or would you like to use Volume just for the item record?

Hi, I would like to use volume as a metric for costs for Landed Costs. But you raise a good point. Why can’t my carton dimensions in the item record be automatically passed to UPS/Fed-Ex systems?

@Paulr, what do you integrate with - pacejet? Because I believe it passes on for the native Fedex integration.

We are using RF Smart for a WMS but don’t use Pacejet or an equivalent partner.

Apologies for the late response!

One has to create shipping items in NetSuite for the type of shipping service.

The packaging/cartons are defined based on the items weight and dimensions. I believe one has to define those and then I believe NetSuite recommends or combines with those kinds of packaging.