Advanced Inventory management


We are implementing Advanced Inventory management- Has anyone done this manually by unchecking the auto calculate ?

We would like to manually enter Re order point and preferred stock levels on the item record and have the quantities to order show up on the order items screen while we uncheck all the auto calculates options for Re order point and preferred stock levels.

Everything thing seems to be working as expected when tested in Sand box.

How ever suite Best practice asks suggests to not uncheck auto calculate – does not provide reasons why.( below)

## Suite Ans:Best Practice: Using Auto-Calculation

When you use first enable Advanced Inventory Management, NetSuite recommends as a best practice that when you are setting up inventory records, do not immediately enter settings to auto-calculate stock levels and demand for ordering items. This is because when you begin to use auto-calculation, if there is not enough sales history, the data may be inaccurate.

The auto-calculation uses the full interval only if there are sales for the item before the beginning of the interval. If there are no sales before the beginning of the interval, the auto-calculation is attempted using half of the interval. If there is not enough data to make calculations using the half-interval, then the reorder point and preferred stock level remain unchanged. Then, manual metrics can be entered, or the auto-calculations occur at a later date when there is enough sales data.

You should not enter a set value for the inventory level initially and later turn on the auto-calculation function by running a mass update on your item records. For more information on mass updates, read Mass Changes or Updates.


We use it without autocomplete to refresh our locations

And it works fine? Thanks

Ouch, i am so sorry for being so late. Has it been working well for you?

Yes, it has been working great for us!