Annual Sales conference for the NetSuite Community (from Verenia)

Verenia is hosting a free virtual event on July 14th and 15th for NetSuite users, The mission, to provide NetSuite users an opportunity to engage with partners, hear thought leadership, see new solutions/SuiteApps. This is the second annual event and it is not a NetSuite sanctioned event. If interested, there are more details and a link to register here and its free :slight_smile:

CC @Matt_from_Verenia

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Many thanks @TheAdmin! Last years event was a great success, this year we have even more registrants, content and speakers. Hoping to see everyone there!

Would you guys provide a list of all partners prior to the event or a product or logo of services they provide?

You should be able to see all sponsors as well as an event agenda right there on the site, if there is any additional info that you’d like, please let me know.

You would think I’m smart enough to visit the site first. Clearly not.