Bill of Materials

I’m new to NetSuite and I’m trying to figure out how to properly create a Bill of Material. I’ve followed the directions in the Help section and watched YouTube videos, but when I’m creating one in my system, I do not get a list of Inventory Items to add to the Bill of Material. The “List” is blank, it doesn’t show our inventory items. Should our inventory items have a different designation to be able to be used in a Bill of Materials?

Any help, direction, video, website that could help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi - We will look into this and get back to you , Thanks

Hi Terri,

Are there are subsidiary restrictions on the actual item record itself that miss-align with the subsidiary setting on the BOM? E.g. If the item record had one subsidiary “HQ” selected and “Include children” un-checked but the BOM had “Include children” checked, that could be the issue.

Hi Terri
Hope the answer that Abby sent to you today helps. I will be back in Atlanta again in a few weeks if you would be open to a visit and having a cup of coffee to see if we can be of more help, Thanks

Hi Terri! Thank you for your message! I wanted to know if you have found a solution as yet? Otherwise, I’d be happy to jump on a quick screenshare with you if you would like or a phone call.

awitmer could be onto something, it could be a subsidiary or permission issue with the role.

if you would like to spend a few minutes on Zoom I can send you an invitation.