Concurrency, Server Requests and Timeout

Hi All,
Does applying more SuiteCloud+ licenses increase an external system’s ability to retrieve record from NetSuite?

I get that concurrency is the total number connections/sec that can be made to NetSuite. Is it the same as time-out?

We have an external website that retrieves client and other data from NetSuite (CRM+), when users login to their website accounts. When records, let’s say Sales Orders, are >300, NetSuite throws the site a timeout error.

We have 1 x SuiteCloud+ license, with concurrency limit 15 connections/sec and rarely exceed that. So I’m asking, will adding another license benefit the timeout issue?

Many thanks for your contribution.

@stepheno Welcome to the community!

At my company we had created an internal program that would retrieve saved searches and the saved search results would stop at 1000. So we had to place in code to cycle through the results.

Can you get the results in smaller numbers (let’s say 100) and then display them in a page view which will allow the retrieval of only 100 at a time?

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Hi TheAdmin,
We have optimized our scripts to work within the limitations, similar to your suggestions (thank you). And sometimes we just need to be able to check through all the records. My account manager is pushing a second SuiteCloud+ license as the answer to the timeout, but I’m not sure this is the way to go. We’re also looking at having an intermediary database on our website server and storing records there, but it seems odd not to be able to fully use a central CRM, due to connectivity limitations.

One more option is tell them you want to pay for a second license only for 3 months. To see if it alleviates your issue. That way you can really test it out.

On the other hand, have you asked support this? Because on the technical side, they would be a better resource than your AM. Or ask the AM to talk to their presales team and explain how or why that is the case.

@stepheno , have you installed the Application Performance Management bundle?

Additional SuiteCloud+ licenses gives you additional processors that should alleviate concurrency and server requests. How does your external website retrieve the data from NS? Are you hitting NS via a RESTlet or are you hitting the NS API via SuiteTalk directly?

Hi ebarro,
We using RESTlet. Our concurrency is within limit. It seems the amount of time to retrieve a bundle of NetSuite records, for a user, is the issue. My question is around the idea that with a greater concurrency, would that, or could we, increase the speed (less time) of retrieving the records?