Disable Administrator permission without being administrator

Hi Community!
I wanted to know if anyone knew how to disable a user with netsuite administrator role without being a netsuite administrator myself.

Let me see if my folks can be of any help

Hi Leo
This is what we have come up with:
He will need a role with the appropriate permissions that gives him access to edit an employee record. He can either be assigned a new role or that permission could be added to his existing role.

Not only will he want to mark the employee record as “Inactive” but it is also recommended to un-check the “Give Access” box in the Access tab.

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Hi Ned,

The solution to this was that it is not possible to have a non-administrator remove permissions for an administrator. Only another administrator can remove permissions for a current administrator.

This is why at least 2 people should have the role administrator at any organization. Only for Access cutoff purposes.