Emails from Vendor - Occasionally Not Receiving

Is there anything on the NetSuite end that might explain why we are occasionally not receiving emails from a certain vendor? These are automated by a system and are confirmations of POs.

@jmack - could you please throw some more light on your situation?

Does this occur when you send POs out to the vendor and the vendor automatically replies back through their automated system? If so, I assume it comes back to the email address it was sent from and stores in your vendor record?

In these occasional emails, is there a pattern of perhaps large attachments? a PO with many pages?

The status page tells us about NetSuite systems and is at

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Yes, that is the precise situation. We send out a PO and the vendor generates a confirmation with the ESD. This is only for one vendor and only intermittently.

I will ask our VP of Ops about the size of the PO’s.