How to troubleshoot calling external APIs with https.createSecureString

I am developing a Map/Reduce script that is scheduled to go through each of our customers’ addresses and find their store hours on Google’s Places API. When I limit the script to one or two addresses, my script works fine. When I run it on the whole dataset, though, I get a lot of errors. Many of these errors are from Google saying that I need to send an API key. Looking at the code, I can see no way the API key isn’t getting added, but I can’t log the URL, because the whole thing is a https.createSecureString that gets appended to.

In my normal development workflow, even if I couldn’t see the URL, I would just pass everything through a proxy, and check the requests there. This of course isn’t an option with SuiteScript (unless it is? :eyes:) How am I supposed to troubleshoot this when I’m not able to see what URL is actually being called?

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Not a developer but can you break it down a bit to see what is happening via the logs? in any way? or send it to proxy ?