Is NetSuite Mfg & Inventory the right way to go

The decision was made to move to NetSuite’s Food and Beverage package from QuickBooks, CORE and a host of spreadsheets. We are a wholesaler of organic biologics and spices and there has been some concern that the NetSuite package is “overburdened” with complexity we will “probably never use.”

Anyone have experience with both CORE and NetSuite? Is NetSuite more than we need

Do you have enough people for netsuite? If you are a team of 3 people in total - NetSuite may seem to be too much.

There are other things to take into account, your revenue, your expenses, your manpower. Do you have a CFO on staff , have you guys ever used anything beyond QB and CORE in the company?

We outsource finance to an accounting firm but we’re expecting 25 to 30 users all told. The primary reason for going to NetSuite is the ERP side of things. Biologics and spices have a finite shelf life so managing our inventory is critical.

Sorry about not getting to you earlier here. Let’s have a call and confirm if this is what you should go for.