Item Pricing using Matrix Item Parent

Is it possible to use a Matrix Item parent on a Customer Item Pricing sublist to apply the correct pricing when any of the Matrix Item children are selected on a Transaction? Currently we’re left having to add every variation of an item to the Customer Item Pricing sublist along with the corresponding Price Level. We’ve managed to speed this up by some clever copying and pasting and CSV Import, but I’d love to find out I’m missing something that could make this easier to implement.

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Let’s hit up @Suitestallion and @CHETANJUMANI to see if they have any input here. Both have extensive knowledge on suitecommerce.

Thanks for pointing me to the right folks @TheAdmin. @Suitestallion or @CHETANJUMANI, I’m grateful for any expertise you can offer on this one.

This is a limitation of the system. If you add the parent item in the item pricing section of a customer, it will not flow through its child item. If you assign a price level in the parent item in the item pricing section of a customer record then add the child item in a sales order, it will not honor the price level assigned in the customer record. You will still need to assign the child item individually in the item pricing section of the customer record. The alternate solution is to create a CSV import- which it appears they are already doing.

This request is being addressed in Enhancement 121322: Item Matrix/Customer Pricing
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