Kits showing available even when one or more components is not available

I have posted this elsewhere, but I thought I would reach out here as well.

We are having an unusual and frustrating problem with our kit items.

On any quote or sales order, regardless of role or form, if a kit is entered and one or more of its components are not available, it is still showing an available quantity.

If ALL components are not available, the pop-up happens as expected and 0 available is shown.

I created an item group to imitate the kit and it works correctly. The pop-up warning happens.

This is also happening in Sandbox AND Production. All locations are set appropriately and all kits and components have ONE location they pull from.

It is happening on every kit I have tested.

The only change we have performed is to turn on Inventory Status and started using OzLink to fulfill, but I don’t see how either of these would affect the kits. The timing also don’t line up perfectly, but I am grasping at any possible explanation beyond an unknown defect.

Did you manage to find a solution to this @jmack?

Yes and no. It ended up being something on NetSuite’s end that was resolved in a hot fix.

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