Running MRP at a subsidiary level and not at location level

Hello, I’m new to this forum and my company is in the process of implementing NetSuite. We did not completely understand what ‘multi-location’ meant versus ‘multi-entity’ when we had the consultants configure the system at the beginning of the project. We have 2 physical factories that are currently running on different, older ERP systems. We want consolidated financials but we do NOT want to share any master data (i.e. separate Vendor master, Customer master, BIN locations, sales orders, purchase orders etc.). In other words we did not want users from either factory to ever have to select the location on any forms. We want them treated as separate entities completely except for the consolidated financial reporting. We want to be able to run MRP for each entity but we do not want to do this as a ‘multi-location’ configuration. Can anyone provide some insight as to if this is even possible or not. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

I hope you were able to resolve your query.

Ideal way here is to use separate subsidiaries and have users only have access to that subsidiary. Item records would also be created for each subsidiary and that would be like having two separate companies inside one instance of NetSuite.