Tax Code throwing error on Sales Order creation via REST API

I am helping a client with a custom integration with HubSpot. I had a recent issue with setting ‘tax schedule’ when creating a service item and was successful with using a workflow to set the tax schedule before record submit.

On another account, I have a similar issue when setting a sales order where it requires a ‘tax code’. However, I’m not seeing ‘tax code’ as a field when on the sales order record (or on the item… the tax code error comes up on the item in the sales order).

To make this work manually, I have to set the ‘tax item’ on the customer to Zero tax so I can create the sales order via Rest API. This doesn’t always work because someone has to manually go into Netsuite to set the ‘tax item’ when an error occurs. Please what am I missing on the workflow.

TLDR: The client doesn’t have SuiteTax so Rest API can not update it. Workflow is not showing ‘taxCode’ property to set a default for.

Please what could I be missing?

You could just use the native hubspot integration to netsuite.