Time entry journals

Does anyone know how to post journal entries from time entries aside from auto approval?
It is system generated JE and we want to include it in bulk approvals.

Hi Judith
I will research this and try to find you a solution, Thanks


Can you clarify what you are looking for? I’m not sure I follow.

@judithaparri – a couple of questions. Is your journal entry approval based on Workflow approval??

Based on your requirement you will need to do a workflow.
If workflow, then in the step of setting the approver, include the condition {user.id}=-4. -4 is the system id.

You can use this suiteanswers link

Answer ID:51389

An excerpt from there…

To use SuiteFlow for journal entry approvals you must complete these steps:

  1. Enable the SuiteFlow feature at Setup > Company > Setup Tasks > Enable Features. On the SuiteCloud tab, check the SuiteFlow box and click Save .
  2. Enable workflows for journal entry approval
  3. Design and deploy a workflow using SuiteFlow

For detailed information about the posting period, see Posting Period for Journal Entries Subject to Approval.