Update Column in Auto-generated numbers

My team was doing transaction syncing for payment document numbers. I was trying to update the initial number and as I was doing that, I accidentally hit the ‘update’ button instead of the ‘allow override’ checkbox for payment document number.

  1. Will this change all existing payments in our production account, or only those with unfilled payment/document # field?
  • All of our payment/document # fields are filled out for payments.
  1. How long does this typically take?
  • We have millions of payments.
  • We also have ongoing payment syncs we have to do that require us to use the auto-generated numbers features.
  1. Assuming you are not syncing over existing documents and only syncing new, it should not result in issues. There are assumptions here in what is being sent.

  2. Depends on how the sync process is flowing. have you checked that box now? And if this is all happening in live, I would create a saved search that will show you payments with the criteria being “system notes fields” - change and look fore the field “document number”.

What do you mean when you say ‘not syncing over existing documents?’ For payment document number, the ‘update’ checkbox was checked, and an initial number was set. You’re saying this won’t affect any previous payments?

Talked to NS support. We determined that no payment document numbers have been updated since I checked that checkbox, using exactly the criteria you mentioned for a saved search. However, without the auto-generated numbers feature in our prod environment, it’ll halt a lot of key business processes for our company, so we really need it to finish running or whatever it’s doing as it’s been going for about 7 hours.

If you are running a script to do the connector and it is running in NetSuite, just go to the script and make it “inactive”, it “should” stop the process.

Glad NS Support was able to help :slight_smile: .

It’s always easier to talk this over zoom lol

It’s not run by a script, it’s a separate standard NetSuite webpage. There’s no script that does it. Zoom would definitely be helpful, I just need to know if this will change existing payment document numbers.

I can try and help out if you can join - its a temporary link that will lead to a zoom meeting. I just didn’t want to post my personal meeting id.

Search Criteria/Result Columns/Results below.

One more modificationt o the criteria - removes the old values of it being empty.