UPS WorldShip - Must Attach Printed Invoices?

I am looking for confirmation that UPS does not currently accept paperless invoices when attaching to international shipments.

FedEx has this capability, but we have recently switched to UPS.

@awitmer - can you help with this?

Hi jmack,

It appears this feature is not yet supported in NetSuite and I was able to verify that there is an enhancement request filed for this under Enhancement #195389 Ability to support UPS Paperless Invoices.

In addition, integration with UPS Worldship is also not yet supported by the system. Therefore, it is not possible to generate report/print invoices for the shipment done via UPS Worldship. The ability to integrate UPS Worldship in NetSuite is still filed under Enhancement# 171212 Shipping> Integration with UPS WorldShip product.

Hope this helps!


Thank you for this information! I will take it to my team.